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Dennis J Gilbert on the Larry King Show

A tax free compounded interest pension retirement plan for my sports or entertainment career?

How can Dennis Gilbert create the same type of plan for me that Bobby Bonilla has? How can I get tax free compounded interest pension and retirement solutions? You can start by contacting him here.

Here is how CBS Morning News framed it in a recent 2021 interview with Dennis J. Gilbert. “One of Baseball’s most legendary contracts ever.”

Dennis was interviewed in the Robb Report about smart collections and how it is part of an overall family wealth solution.

‘Greatest Retirement Plan in History’: It’s Bobby Bonilla Day – 401K Specialist (

Dennis has a 5 decade career building and protecting family wealth through tax free pension and retirement solutions. His clients include some of the most famous people in the world, with a concentration of professional athletes, actors, actresses, ceos and family office principals. Some of his clients have included Larry King, Michael Jackson, Johnny Carson, Robin Williams, among other famous baseball, basketball, TV and Film and business icons.

Dennis Gilbert Accepted the Prestigious Major League Baseball B.A.T. Award in San Diego, California on December 7, 2022.